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Here Are 10 Things You Need To Look Out For
When Hiring A Florida Roofing Company.

Not All Roofing Companies Are Created Equal.

Some Cut Corners On Your Project…

Some Aren’t Licensed…

And Some Are Random Workers Picked Up
On The Street Corner. (Really!)

Certain roofing companies in Florida don’t always do things the right way. They’d rather make the most profits in the quickest time possible—with NO regard for the work they do.

Consider this: Contractor complaints and lawsuits have risen to 758% in the last few years. That should tell you everything you know about how dangerous—and costly—it can be to not perform your due diligence on a roofing contractor before hiring them.

Watch Out For Companies That Follow ANY
Of These 10 Business Practices:

1.  Companies That Require An Upfront Deposit.

We’re not saying all roofing companies who require money upfront are unscrupulous. In fact, many require at least a 50% deposit before they take one step onto your roof. Some require up to 70%.

But more often than not, roofing companies that require upfront money need your money to pay for the materials and workers they used on their LAST job. This probably means the company is unstable and constantly hard-up for cash. This is NOT a company you want working on your roof.

Think about this:

You’re paying your hard-earned dollars to someone who hasn’t done one second of work for you. When is the last time you did that? You probably don’t pay your mechanic upfront. What about your doctor? Don’t think so.

So why should a roofing contractor think he deserves special treatment?

Also be wary of roofing contractors who require cash payments or checks made out directly to the owner. This could be an indication they’re not reporting income to the IRS. And if a company is willing to risk the wrath of Uncle Sam, they probably have no qualms about being dishonest with their customers.

How We’re Different

We don’t need you to foot our bills. We ask you to pay us 50% at dry-in, and the balance at job completion. You trust us to do the job, we trust you to pay us. It’s that simple.

2. Companies That Promise A Quick Job.

Beware of roofing companies that promise to do the job fast. Odds are, they just want to get your roof done as quickly as possible, so they can take your money and move to the next job.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with promising a speedy job—if they can get it done fast AND right, that’s great. But if speed is the company’s only selling point, watch out, because they’re probably cutting corners on your roofing project to maintain their “speedy” selling angle.

That means you’re paying for shoddy, second-rate work that will cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars to repair just months down the line.

How We’re Different

We’ll be honest: it may take us a day or two longer to get the job done. But that just means we won’t have to come back to fix a problem three months later, like some other companies do.

We’re meticulous, exacting perfectionists. We’re more concerned with getting the job done right than getting it done quickly, so we NEVER have to come back to your home to fix a mistake.

3. Companies That Literally Pick Up Their Crews Off The Street Corner.

As amazing as this sounds, some roofing companies get their workers off the street. Literally. You can bet these guys are NOT certified, NOT trained, and don’t know the first thing about roofing.

So why do some companies hire these “workers”? Because they will work long hours for little pay.

Not only is that bad business—it’s unethical.

And you can be sure that companies are not performing background tests and drug screenings on these workers. So not only are you going to get shoddy work–your safety is in jeopardy as soon as these “roofers” walk into your home.

How We’re Different

All of our workers are EMPLOYEES—not outside contractors. They’re all certified, insured, drug-tested, and get a full background check.

Our crew comes to your home IN UNIFORM and is more organized than an ant colony. Everyone knows EXACTLY what his role is, brings the proper equipment, and gets their job done right AND on time. GUARANTEED.

4. Companies With No Roofing License Or A Borrowed Roofing License.

Over fifty percent of roofing companies in Florida don’t have a valid roofer’s license. Why? Because the requirements are too hard for them to meet.

So what do they do? They “rent” licenses to pretend they’re certified. We probably don’t have to tell you that’s illegal.

To check if a roofer has proper Florida licensing, visit this website.

How We’re Different

We’ve been licensed in Florida since 1990.

We can pass the test blindfolded. Click here to see our roofing license details.

5. Companies That Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics.

A lot of companies will try to force you to say “yes” to them as soon as the first sales meeting is over.

These companies will also inflate their prices, and then “drop” them—making it look like they’re giving you a deal. But really, you’re just getting the price you were supposed to in the first place.

How We’re Different

We don’t believe in sales pressure. And we NEVER inflate prices. We tell you PRECISELY what you need and EXACTLY how much it’s going to cost. No up-selling. No hidden charges. Period.

6. Companies With 1 Or 2 Year Warranties.

Some roofing companies offer short one- or two-year warranties, so they can get out of doing extra work down the road.

The standard labor warranty in this industry is five years… but most roofing companies don’t survive long enough to fulfill those warranties. They go out of business, leaving you to pay for anything that goes wrong with your roof.

How We’re Different

We offer a 10-year labor warranty—twice the industry standard.

Not to mention we’re the longest-established roofing company in southwest Florida. You can rest easy knowing we’ll honor your roof’s 10 year warranty to the last day.

7. Companies With Low Prices As The Main Selling Point.

A roofing company that touts low prices as its main selling point usually has nothing else going for it. Notice how they don’t talk about their workmanship, materials, or customer service.

Sure, you can occasionally find caviar at Spam prices—about one time out of 10,000.

But more often, you get what you pay for. And if you’re paying pennies, expect that to reflect in the quality of the work.

How We’re Different

We’re in the middle price range. We aren’t the most expensive roofing company in Florida, but we’re also not the cheapest.

We stand by the prices we charge, though. You can go with another contractor and maybe save a few bucks initially. But three years down the line, odds are you’ll be paying that extra money you saved—and then some—to fix a mistake that company made the first time around.

8. Companies That Aren’t FULLY Insured.

Hire only roofing contractors that can provide proof of Worker’s Comp, General Liability and Automobile coverage.

If the company you hire doesn’t carry Worker’s Compensation, or leases its workers, your homeowner’s policy becomes this company’s coverage. That can cause MASSIVE problems for you in the event of an accident.

And if the contractor does have the proper insurance, make sure it’s in effect for the duration of your project.

To check a company’s insurance coverage, click here.

How We’re Different

We are fully, 100% insured. So if an accident does occur on the job site, you won’t have to worry one bit about footing the bill.

Click here to check our roofing insurance coverage.

9. Companies With No Permanent Address.

Make sure any roofer you’re considering hiring has a permanent place of business, as well as an official business phone number (not just a cell phone number).

If a contractor has no permanent location, it probably means his business is NOT established, possibly because he doesn’t generate enough profit. Plus, it can be a huge pain to track down these “nomad” contractors if you have a future problem with the job they did on your roof.

How We’re Different

Montgomery Winslow is located in Fort Myers, Florida, and has been since 1949. We have an actual staff and a fulltime office manager to answer your phone calls.

Simply put, we’ve been here for decades, and will be around for decades to come.

10. Companies With Few Or No References.

Before you hire a roofing contractor, see if he has a customer-reference list you can call, plenty of testimonials, and customer surveys he can show you. This will give you a good indication of how satisfied his customers are.

Also check to see if a roofing company belongs to any trade or business associations. If it does, that means it’s a well-established and trusted business. If it’s not, that could mean it’s new and/or non-reputable.

How We’re Different

We currently have over 7,000 references from residential and commercial clients.

Call them right now and ask about the job we did for them. If these people are willing to talk about our services to STRANGERS, you can bet they loved our work.

In addition to thousands of references, we also belong to numerous trade and business associations, including the following:

  • Florida Roofing Sheet Metal & Air-Conditioning Association
  • Southwest Roofing Contractors Association
  • Fort Myers Kiwanis
  • Compliance Depot
  • And more.

We’ve also been given the Angie’s List Super Service Award three years running and recently won the FRSA Safety Award.

In short, we’re the most accredited, trusted roofing company in Florida.

If you’d like a FREE, 100% accurate roof estimate, call us today 239-694-1056. Our office manager, Melissa, will schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

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