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Friday, May 22 2020
3 Ways to Protect Your Roof

A roof over your head is invaluable to a good home. Your roof has to be in good condition so it can protect your home from the elements day in and day out for years to come. Even a low maintenance roof can start to falter if neglected. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to protect your roof so that your roof can continue to protect you.

Clean Your Roof Gutters

Once or twice a year, you should clear your roof gutters from fallen leaves and debris. If your roof gutters are clogged, they can’t funnel rainwater off your roof, which means your roof might be more vulnerable to leaks, rot, or water damage. While you’re cleaning the gutters, make sure there are no scratches or cracks through which water could seep, falling instead onto the ground around your home’s foundation. You might also invest in gutter covers, which keep the gutters from becoming clogged while still allowing water to filter in.

Trim Nearby Branches

We love to have beautiful trees in our yard, but if those trees reach too close to the roof, their branches could cause serious damage during storms. Scratches to the roof could cause leaks or broken/missing shingles. It’s always a good idea to keep trees trimmed back so that they have room to thrive while your roof can stay healthy, keeping your home safe. This will also lessen the chances of damage to your roof if a branch falls in the middle of a storm.

Fix Problems As Soon As Possible

It can be easy to put off having roofs repaired or replaced when we see a problem. It’s easy not to look, after all. But it would be a mistake to let roof issues fester for too long. Missing shingles can often lead to roof leaks. Discoloration could speak to roof rot. The sooner you call a roofer to take care of your roofing issues, the better chance you have of saving your roof — and saving money. If issues are left alone for too long, you may end up having to pay hundreds more for the damage as it grew in time. 

Looking for ways to protect your roof this summer? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information or a free quote to get started.

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