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Friday, March 20 2020
Why You Don't Need To Get Three Roof Estimates

It’s a common piece of advice for homeowners searching for replacement roofs: “make sure you get at least three roof estimates.” The logic is understandable — you don’t want to make a hasty decision with your replacement roof and come to regret it. But searching for roof replacements can be tedious, and it sometimes makes the whole process seem daunting to homeowners. This is especially true considering you don’t always need three roof estimates. 

So how many roof estimates do you need? And why don’t you need three roof estimates? Let’s break that down in today’s blog.

How Many Roof Estimates Should You Have?

If not three, the next question is how many roof estimates you’ll need. The answer varies from case to case. Some homeowners might go through three different roof estimates and find they’re not satisfied by any of them, thus requiring a fourth. Others might find that the first or second estimate fits perfectly into their budget and needs.

The important thing is to find the roof estimate that suits you. If your first roof estimate fits within your budget and your contractor understands exactly what you need from your replacement roof, why bother with a second estimate? If you feel certain about a roofer and you’ve done your homework about them, you don’t need to second guess yourself.

Do Your Homework Pre-Estimate

That’s not to say you should jump into a contract with a roofer near blindly. Your gut and the estimate itself are important things to consider, but that shouldn’t be the extent of the knowledge you have on the roofer. Make sure you look up reviews of the company beforehand. See how long they’ve worked in the area and what their overall reputation is. Once you feel confident in what you see, then you can set up an estimate. That way, you’re already knowledgeable about the company — you just need to know what they can offer for a specific job.

Ask Questions

When you first speak with the roofer, make sure to ask questions. Now is a good time to learn what their credentials are, to make sure they’re licensed and insured, and to see examples of their past work. Ask who will be working on the project. Do they work with subcontractors? If so, have they worked with those subcontractors long enough to trust them? There are no stupid questions at this point. Anything that you need to know to ease your mind will give you a more informed view of the roofer and the work they can do for your home.

Are you interested in having roofing work done on your Florida home? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information or a free estimate...maybe the last estimate you’ll need for the project.

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