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Friday, March 06 2020
How to Prevent Roof Leaks This Winter

No one likes to deal with roof leaks. Not only are they pesky, but they could cause problems for your home on a larger scale, too. Roof leaks could cause roof rot, could damage the structure and walls of your home, or could get into the electrical wiring in the walls. Obviously, you want to prevent roof leaks this winter, but how? Here are a few of our tips:

Check Flashing

Roof flashing is thin metal that surrounds your roof vents and skylights, keeping them sealed to the home. If your roof flashing is loose, water can get underneath and leak into your home. It’s actually one of the most common causes of roof leaks. Fortunately, as roof leaks go, this is also a pretty easy fix. Simply seal down the roof flashing again, or replace it if need be. If the problem persists, you might consider looking into alternatives to flashing.

Keep Gutters Clean

Your roof gutters are designed to catch water runoff and funnel it away from the home. Without good roof gutters, water runoff will spill onto the soil around your foundation, weakening it, or will gather on your roof, potentially causing leaks. If your roof gutters are clogged, that water has nowhere to go and it often gathers on your roof. This can be particularly problematic during the winter with potential for snow and ice. Clean gutters mean a protected roof, so keep an eye on this.

Check the Attic

The leak issue may not actually be an issue with your roof. Take a look at your attic. If you notice any mold, algae, or dark spots, these could all make the attic vulnerable to leaks. Have this issue fixed right away. That way, if you still have leaks, you’ll know that it’s coming from the roof. If not, that’s less cause for leaks that you’ll have to deal with this winter!

Winter may be almost over, but it’s not too late to protect your home from roof leaks. Need help preventing roof leaks or just a stronger roof as a replacement? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information or a free estimate.

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