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Friday, February 21 2020
How to Spot a Failing Roof Before There is Damage to Your House

Too often, homeowners take their roofs for granted. As long as it’s hanging over your head, you might not spend much time concerned with the health of your roof. But ideally, you want to be able to spot a failing roof before it causes further problems with your home. If you let roofing problems go on for too long, your roof might not be the only thing that needs to be replaced. But how can a homeowner spot roofing issues before they cause any damage to the rest of the home? Here are a few tips:

Damaged or Missing Shingles

One easy way to spot the signs of a failing roof is to look at the shingles. Asphalt shingle roofs are among the most popular roofing materials available due to their affordability and traditional look. However, over time the shingles can start to curl, break off, or chip. If you’re noticing an issue with missing or damaged shingles, that could speak to a larger issue with the structure of the roof. 

You might also want to consider a roofing replacement towards a similar style such as fiberglass shingles or clay tiles. Even metal roofing sometimes comes in the form of metal shakes.


While you’re taking a look at your roof, do you notice a dark splotch, an area where roof moss has grown, or a particularly faded portion of the roof? Discoloration can speak to water damage or even roof rot that affects the structure of the roof. Cosmetically, the sun can fade the color of certain roofs over time, so it helps to choose a roofing material that has a longer lifespan and the durability to hold up to the elements.

Loose Granules

Before you finish checking out your roof, take a look at your roofing gutters. Do you notice loose roofing granules, especially in the case of asphalt shingle roofs? Loose roofing granules mean that the adhesive used to hold them to the shingles has started to loosen. As roofing granules are meant to protect your roof from the elements, this is already bad news for the health of your roof, but it also speaks to a deterioration of quality overall. The occasional few granules is fine, but anything more than that is cause for concern. 

Think it might be time for a roof replacement? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information or a free estimate.

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