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Friday, February 07 2020
4 Important Components of a Roofing System

What exactly goes into your roofing system? It’s more than just shingles or metal, roof and gutters. There are several important components that go into a roofing system, and it’s important for them all to be functioning well in order for your roof to hold up to the elements and protect your home. Here are some of the most important components of a roofing system:


The cover is the part of the roof that you probably traditionally think of as your “roof.” It’s the asphalt or fiberglass shingles, metal sheets or shakes, or clay tiles. Your roof’s cover protects the rest of your roof — and the rest of your home — from pests, water damage, drafts, and debris. It’s important for your cover to remain in good condition in order to keep anything from breaking through it.

Sheathing & Structure

Your roof sheathing is made up of boards or sheet material fixed to the roof’s joists and trusses. Its job is to strengthen the roof and offer your roof cover something sturdy to rest on. Sheathing goes beneath the roof cover and beneath the underlayment membrane or paper for added protection. The rest of the roofing structure is joints, trusses, and rafters used to uphold the sheathing and the roof itself.


Roof flashing is attached to joints, corners, and valleys of your roof in order to keep water out. If you have a chimney or a roof vent, you’ll likely find flashing around this. Flashing is typically made of a thin metal material that’s nailed down to the roof, but it can become loose over time. It’s a good idea to check on flashing when doing regular maintenance.


Finally, a good slope to your roof and a gutter system is needed to handle water runoff in a smart way. When water hits your roof, it runs down the slope into the gutters that surround the edges of the roof. The gutters then funnel water along a path to their downspout, which leads the water away from the house. This both protects your roof from damage due to pooling water and protects your lawn and foundation from the damage of too much water seeping into the soil at once.

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