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Friday, October 11 2019
Emergency! What to Do In a Roofing Disaster

A roofing emergency is the kind of disaster that every homeowner hopes they won’t have to face. Damage to your roof can leave your home vulnerable, and it can be a scary thing to go through. But with the right steps and resources, there’s no need to panic. So what do you do if your roof is badly damaged? Here are the steps you can take to get through your roofing disaster with a clear head.

Assess the Damage and Make a Temporary Fix

When the storm clears and the sun comes back out, the first thing you want to do is assess the damage to your roof. This will give the insurance company and your roofers a clear picture of the problem and the potential costs. You’ll want to look for things like missing shingles, exposed plywood, and discoloration. Make sure to take notes and pictures if possible, and get an estimate of the square footage of the site of the damage. Once that’s done, make a temporary fix to protect your home until the roof can be repaired or replaced. This may be a tarp, new shingles, or a bucket underneath any potential leaks.

Check  Your Insurance Plan

Do you have homeowners insurance? Does it cover roof insurance? There’s a chance that you haven’t taken a look at your insurance plan since you bought it, so now may be the time to give it another glance. This will give you an idea of how much your plan covers and how much you can expect the insurance company to cover. If you have questions, you can contact the insurance company or an attorney to clarify them for you. You want to make sure you’re fully informed before you get started on the work to fix the roof.

Contact a Roofer

Next, get an estimate from a trusted roofer in your community so you can have a sense of what it will take to repair the damage and how much it will cost. They may be able to repair the roof, or, depending on the circumstances, they may suggest to replace it instead. Whatever the case, a reliable roofer will be able to provide you a fair estimate which you can keep in mind when you deal with the insurance company to cover the damage. From there, you can decide to work with that contractor and begin the process of fixing your roof.

As a note, beware of storm chasers. These roofers may show up at your door the day after a storm, offering a free roof inspection and then asking for a check upfront to get started. Often, they’ll take that check and never be heard from again. Always take time to check the reputation of the roofer you’re working with and make sure they’re legitimate and trustworthy.

Was your roof hit by a storm recently? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information on roof repair and replacement.

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