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Thursday, September 26 2019
Why Are Roofing Warranties Important?

What kind of warranty does your roof come with?

In choosing a roof, roofing warranties are sometimes the last thing that homeowners look at, a nice cherry on top of what seems like a good deal already. But your roofing warranty is much more important than just an added plus. Your roofing warranty can secure your roof for years to come as well as instill confidence in your roof. Here’s why roofing warranties are so important to the whole roof replacement process.

Accidents Happen

Even among the most careful homeowners, accidents can still happen. Maybe a tree falls on the roof, or maybe a particularly stormy season causes damage that you didn’t expect. Maybe in doing some maintenance, you accidentally cause a tear or break off a shingle. If you’ve recently had your roof replaced, it would be a nightmare to have to do it all over again. That’s where your warranty comes in. For a certain amount of years, your roof and the labor is covered so that you can have it replaced for no extra cost.

Warranties Tell You How Much to Trust the Product

Warranties are a risk for contractors to offer. It would be bad business to have to replace roofs for free all the time, so the goal is, of course, to install a roof so sturdy that it doesn’t need to be replaced a few years later. Thus the longer the warranty, the more the contractor trusts their work. If a roof only has a warranty of one or two years, for instance, that doesn’t speak to a very confident contractor nor does it instill confidence in the buyer. That’s why Montgomery Winslow’s warranty lasts for ten years.

What To Look For in a Warranty

So you know that roofing warranties are important. The next question is what to look for in your warranty. Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • More than a couple years. As the above point states, the longer your warranty, the more confident the contractor is in the roof they offer. It also means you can rest easy for longer, knowing that if anything happens to your roof, replacing it will be no problem.
  • No exclusions. Some contractors offer a big warranty...but only for the product. Or maybe there are hidden clauses that would keep you from being able to be protected by the full warranty. This can feel a bit like cheating. It’s better to have a contractor who is upfront with you, without the fine print.
  • No hidden fees. By the same principle, the last thing you want is to trust that you’re secure in your warranty only to find when the time comes that there are hidden fees you missed.Your warranty should benefit you.

Interested in learning more about the warranty you can find with Montgomery Winslow? Contact us today for more information.

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