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Friday, July 19 2019
How a Beautiful Roof Improves Your Curb Appeal

Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or you just want to impress your friends and family when you entertain, curb appeal is an important consideration for homeowners. You might spruce up your lawn, put a new coat of paint on your front door or the home itself. But what about your roof? Although you might not spend much time looking at your roof exclusively, it does factor into the overall look of your home — and thus your curb appeal. A faded or worn roof will make your home look more faded and worn, while a new roof could make a big difference.

Roofs Have Color

Not all roofs are gray or brown. Especially with the rise in popularity when it comes to metal roofs, we’re beginning to see colorful red or green roofs, but even shingle or tile roofs can come in a variety of colors. With shingle roofs, you might even choose shingles of multiple or complex colors. And color, of course, draws the eye and thus strengthens your curb appeal. Using multiple shades or colors further draws the attention of those who pass by, though make sure that these colors are eye-catching without being gaudy.

It Adds To Your Design

Your roof is a design element of your home like everything else, and the way it compliments your other home exteriors and architectural design makes a difference. Maybe multiple gables are perfect for your Tudor or colonial style home. Maybe contrasting roofing trim is just what your craftsman home needs. The materials you use, too, play into the style of your home. Tile and shingled roofs work best for classic styles, while metal roofs could be perfect for a more modern home. However, sometimes it’s good to add elements from a variety of architectural styles just to shake things up.

Lasts for Longer

Again, if you have a faded or worn roof, it gives your entire home a faded, worn look. On the other hand, a new roof will give your home a fresh, new look; and a quality roof installed well will ensure that the effect lasts for years to come. After all, you don’t just want a roof that looks good but a roof that can weather the elements. And a roof that can protect your home through any storm will, in turn, look better for a longer period of time, boosting your curb appeal. 

Interested in getting a new roof for your Ft. Myers home? Contact Montgomery Winslow today for more information.

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