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Thursday, May 24 2018
Roof Inspections: The Basics

Your roof spends its lifetime protecting your home and family from the elements. You need to know that it will continue to do a good job season after season, storm after storm. No matter what the elements throw at it, your roof should never perform less than perfectly. The only way to ensure that this happens is by getting a closer look at what’s going on. Roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL are so important especially in the real estate market these days. With property values going up, your home should be nothing but excellent.

Why Do I Need A Roof Inspection?

One of the main ways to keep your home in its best condition is by fixing small problems when they first arise, rather than waiting until they become large destructive issues that can be quite costly. Some little things can be nothing more than clues that there is a larger underlying situation that needs attention. An inspection does not need to be invasive or cause any damage to your roof. A professional can easily get a good look at the inner workings of your roof and be able to determine if your roof is functioning efficiently, or if there is something you might not be seeing. Roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL are not incredibly expensive but are sometimes absolutely necessary. Banks will usually require a roof inspection to be done before loaning money to buy a home. Insurance companies will need an inspection especially after storms cause any damage. Plus, as a part of the general maintenance schedule of your home, you should mark your calendar for a yearly roof inspection.

What Could Be Hiding?

To the untrained eye it might appear that there is only a minuscule problem or even nothing at all wrong with your roof, but lurking beneath the surface is a big ugly complication that you didn’t account for that a roof inspection would uncover. Things like cracked caulking, cracks or wear of the boot around your vent pipes, rust spots on the flashing, and other things that might go unnoticed can develop into extreme damage to not only your roof, but your entire home. However, some tell-tell early warning signs you might notice that would merit calling a licensed roofing inspector are shingles that are buckling, cracked, curling, broken, or missing. Piles of colored shingle grit in your gutters are also a sign of damaged shingles.

Do I Really Need A Pro?

So, some signs of wear and tear to your roof are evident from the ground, but not all damage can be seen without climbing a ladder and getting up close and personal with a roof. Not only is climbing on your roof dangerous and risky for you, but if you are untrained, you can cause even more damage to your roof by moving around up there and not knowing where to step. A roofer who has done countless roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL will have the experience needed to conduct a thorough investigation of your roof without doing any harm, and he will catch all the little things that might get missed from the ground.

When it’s time to set up an appointment to get your roof inspection done, call a roofing company that you know you can trust. At Montgomery Winslow Roofing we are dedicated to making sure that the customer is satisfied no matter what. We don’t even charge a deposit because you shouldn’t pay a dime unless you are completely happy with the work. Montgomery Winslow has conducted some of the most efficient roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL. With decades of experience under our belt, we are the right roofing company for you. Call today and talk with our professionals about getting your roof inspected.

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