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Friday, April 13 2018
Putting Off Gutter Repair Can Unintentionally Harm Your Home

As spring and summer roll around, you will probably find yourself outdoors doing some maintenance and seasonal home improvement projects. Mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, and general cleanup are probably on the list, but what about your gutters? While mowing and trimming will make your home look great, you might not realize that gutter repair in Fort Myers can actually save your home.

Your rain gutters play an integral part in the maintenance and protection of your home. If your rain gutters are not in working order and need repairs, putting off those repairs can unintentionally put your home at risk.

Leaky Roof

Your rain gutters have the important job of directing the flow of water from your roof to a safe place to drain away. When your rain gutters become clogged with debris or are damaged, the water can back up. This can create a host of problems, one of which is a leaky roof. As the water backs up, it can get trapped on your roof and the area around your roof. Anytime water stays on your roof, it can cause leaks. A leaky roof itself causes problems, such as mold and interior damage, that can make your family sick and cost you thousands of dollars.

Prevent Mold

As moisture works its way into your attic, the perfect environment for mold is made. This is often a serious problem, especially if left unchecked for a long period of time, as mold can multiply quickly and it is also the silent attic invader. Mold can get into the very air that you breathe, invading your entire home and can greatly affect your health.

Siding Damage

If you postpone gutter repair on your home in Fort Myers, you are also risking damage to your siding. Your gutters divert the rainwater and melting snow to the downspout where it will not harm your siding. If the gutter needs repairs or is clogged, the water can run down onto the siding. Your siding can become stained from the prolonged exposure to water, and it can also become damaged itself. If water is able to get behind your siding it can even cause damage to your home underneath. It can begin to rot, and mold can grow under your siding, as well.

Foundation Damage

Not only will damaged gutters put your roof and siding at risk, the very foundation of your home is in danger. The water that is not diverted away from your foundation can now puddle there. These pools of water around your foundation seep into the ground below and make the ground and the foundation unstable. When your foundation begins to shift, it affects everything in your entire home; windows, doors, and interior walls.

All of this can be prevented by simply calling a professional for gutter repair in Fort Myers. Montgomery Winslow Roofing repairs gutters in the Fort Myers area. Our experts can ensure that your gutters are properly repaired and in perfect working order again. Don’t put off your gutter repair. Give us a call today.

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