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Friday, March 09 2018
Commercial Roof Leaks Can Ruin Your Fort Myers Business

A leaky roof is no laughing matter. Leaky roofs can cause thousands of dollars in repair and if they aren’t caught soon enough, you will find yourself facing commercial roof installation in Fort Myers, FL. Keeping your commercial building in good shape requires some careful maintenance and a watchful eye but even then, there are things that you can miss. Leaks in your commercial roof can be difficult to detect and even harder to track down. Hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor to inspect your roof can prevent these damaging effect of an unnoticed roofing leak.

Ruining Your Insulation

One of the first areas that lie in the path of the water that has stealthily found its way into your commercial building through a roof leak is the insulation. Water from a leaky commercial roof can quickly wreak havoc on your insulation. Insulation is like a sponge, soaking up the water and holding it there to do further damage. Once your insulation has become wet, it is no longer useful. You will notice your heating and cooling bills rising quickly and the temperature in your building will become harder and harder to maintain.

Structural Damages

Once that soaked insulation sits there for a while, it, too, begins to cause further damage. Water will find its way to the wood and metal structures of the building and rot and rust begin to set in. Rotting wood can completely affect the structural integrity of your entire building causing irreparable damages to the ceiling, walls, and foundation. Rust can erode away at the building itself and eventually cause your commercial building to be unsafe. You will not just be looking at commercial roof installation in Fort Myers, FL, you could face losing your business altogether.

Mold Growth

As time goes on, things only get worse. With so much moisture in your building, the perfect environment for mold and mildew has now been created. Once started, mold can grow and spread quickly, infecting entire portions of your building. If mold is not dealt with promptly, it can infect the very air you breathe and your building can be completely closed down until the mold is removed.

Destructive Insects

With all of this internal damage, another environment is also being created. Insects will be drawn to your building and will begin to infest it. Termites and roaches can multiply quickly and can not only be annoying but can also cause health concerns.

Hiring a commercial roofing contractor to inspect your roof can prevent these problems from snowballing out of control. If your commercial roof has already been damaged by a sneaky leak and you need a commercial roof installation in Fort Myers, FL, Montgomery Winslow Roofing can help. We inspect, repair, and install commercial roofs in the Fort Myers area. We take the time to make sure that every detail is covered and your roof is in perfect condition before the job is done. With no upfront deposit and an amazing warranty, it’s no wonder why we are one of the most esteemed roofing companies in Southeast Florida. Don’t let leaks ruin your business, contact us today.

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