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Monday, July 25 2016

gutter repair in Fort Myers, FL

Cleaning out your gutters can lead to some startling discoveries about the items that can become stuck in them, especially items you never imagined could find their way on top of your roof. Not only is it important to keep up with Gutter repair in Fort Myers, FL , it’s equally important to know common items that can work their way down into your gutters.

Items Thrown by Your Kids

Kids, your own or your neighbors’, have a tendency to sometimes launch items up on the roof. You may find the larger projectiles in your gutters, but you have to make sure you carefully check them for smaller items you can easily overlook.


In addition to birds finding your gutters to be the perfect place to build a nest, the same is true of squirrels and wasps. You run an even higher risk of finding a nest in your gutters if there’s already debris in them that can be used to build a nest. Keep your gutters from turning into a wildlife motel by keeping up with gutter cleaning and gutter repair in Fort Myers, FL.

Plant Life

Whenever you’re checking your gutters, be sure you inspect them for moss, which is likely to be in your gutters if it’s growing on your roof. Other plant life can start to grow with the help of the soil found in moss. Besides moss, you should also keep an eye out for pine cones, needles, blossoms and catkins. The spring and fall are when you’ll want to pay especially close attention to your gutters to make sure there’s nothing clogging them, and that’s especially true if you have trees growing near your roof or overhanging branches. 

Get in touch with companies that specialize in gutter repair in Fort Myers, FL, for more info on common gutter-clogging culprits. Knowledge and good workmanship can go a long way in keeping your finances out of the gutter. 

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