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Thursday, October 01 2015
Nontraditional Commercial Roofing Choices

When it comes to industrial roofing, the traditional choice is either plastic membranes or waterproof tar paper. While these might work in many instances, they aren’t for everybody, and in many cases it is worth the extra time and money to install shingle, metal, or tile roofing. Next time you’re looking for industrial roofing contractors in Fort Myers FL, consider finding one that offers expertise in nontraditional industrial materials.

Roof Pitch and Roofing Choice

Although membranes and tar paper work well for flat roofs, they become ineffective for roofs that are pitched higher than about ten degrees. In a rainy climate like ours, it can be difficult to maintain proper drainage on flat roofs, which is why industrial roofing contractors in Fort Myers FL often chose pitched roofs even for facilities that traditionally have flat ones. These might include office buildings, retail establishments, or restaurants. If these buildings are given pitched roofs, then they need durable roofing materials such as fiberglass shingles, metal panels, or even clay or concrete tiles.

Aesthetics and Design

Even if drainage is no object, many commercial structures may need nontraditional roofs for aesthetic purposes. There are a number of facilities that may want to avoid an industrial look, whether it’s to boost curb appeal or to meet zoning requirements. Some of these buildings might include:

  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • High-end retail establishments
  • Medical clinics or doctor’s offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels and hospitality facilities

Finally, commercial residential facilities almost always use tile, metal, or shingle roofing. Large apartment complexes, condos, or rental properties must rely on roof materials that more closely mimic small homes than industrial warehouses.

Nontraditional Roofs

Although tar paper, membranes, and other industrial roofing structures have their place, it’s important not to limit your options when it comes to choosing a roof material. Even for large commercial roofs, nontraditional roofing materials such as clay tiles, metal sheets, laminated fiberglass shingles, or concrete tiles can add aesthetic appeal and superior drainage. Be sure to look for qualified industrial roofing contractors in Fort Myers FL next time you replace a commercial roof.

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