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Monday, July 31 2017

When it comes to identifiable features on a home, gutters are something more homeowners would be happy to ignore. When they start failing, though, the smart homeowner is going to call a professional for gutter repair in Fort Myers. These strips of half-tubing might not get the attention they deserve in the home décor world, but they do provide a valuable service: they help keep rainwater from destroying your home’s foundation.

Gutters Prevent Rainwater Damage

When rainwater falls off a roof, it doesn’t move very far from the walls of the house, so when it hits the ground, it’s going to land close by your home. If there isn’t proper drainage in place at ground-level, the rainwater can pool outside your foundation walls and slowly seep in through cracks and other damaged areas. Even if your home has proper drainage around its boarders, this can still happen because the rainwater can degrade the landscaping over time. One of the best ways to prevent this kind of rainwater damage is by contacting a trusted contractor for gutter repair in Fort Myers.

Move Rainwater Away From Your Home

By repairing your home’s gutters, you’re making sure that the rainwater moving down the roof is transported a safe distance away from your home’s walls. This not only provides protection to your home from the damages of the pooling ground-level rainwater, but it also can keep the rainwater from damaging your landscaping. In addition, properly installed and functioning gutters also prevent rainwater from seeping up under the edges of your roof where it can cause the wood to rot and create an environment where mold can grow.

Gutters today come in many different styles including seamed and seamless. Whether you are looking for new gutters or just for gutter repair in Fort Myers, a trusted roofing contractor can help you decide what style and type of gutter is going to best fit your home.

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Wednesday, July 19 2017
Reasons Why You Need Annual Roof Inspections

Many homeowners wait until it is too late to pursue roof repairs. At that point, it is highly likely significant damage has occurred. You can circumvent this common problem by hiring a roofing company in your area to conduct annual roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL. You always want to hire a professional when it comes to anything related to your roof, and you can benefit greatly from this simple job.

The main benefit to be gained is that you are locating problems before they escalate. Some big signs your roof has taken on significant damage is that you find loose shingles or water dripping from your ceiling. There was likely a smaller issue that escalated to those points. By hiring a professional to come out once a year, a small problem can be found. The roofer can then repair this problem with ease, so you end up saving money and hassle in the long run.

Even if nothing is found wrong with your roof during roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL, you at least get peace of mind. You can breathe a sigh of relief if a roofer tells you that your house is in good shape.

In the event everything looks good on your roof, the contractor can also take some preventative measures to make sure it stays that way going forward. You can decide whether you want these preventive actions done on the spot or if you want to wait a little bit. Most roofers should, at the time of the inspection, provide you with an estimate of what everything will cost.

Getting annual inspections may seem superfluous, but it is ultimately for the best. Think about it like your car. You need to take care of it regularly so that it lasts for a longer time. If you are not currently getting regular roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL, then you need to start.

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